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We are residents, families, homeowners and business owners in Palm Springs, California who are passionate about protecting the city’s decades-long history of sharing our unique neighborhoods and homes with visitors from around the world.  Today, this longstanding tradition is being threatened by a small group of people who want to restrict visitors' freedoms and homeowners' rights.



End of an Era?

A group of residents and small hotel owners are attempting to put an end to the city's rich history of home sharing and vacation rentals. They are pushing the city’s leaders to impose an excessively restrictive ordinance that compromises this unique Palm Springs lifestyle. With your support, we can preserve this longstanding tradition that has been a mainstay of the city's experience since the mid 1900's.

 Vacation Rentals have always been a part of Palm Springs, but the way guests select their choice has changed

Vacation Rentals have always been a part of Palm Springs, but the way guests select their choice has changed

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Jobs & Prosperity

While vacation rentals are nothing new to Palm Springs, they have recently become more accessible to travelers as technology has democratized the process of finding the perfect home away from home.

The evolution of home sharing and vacation rentals has brought new life and vibrancy to our neighborhoods as blighted, unsafe homes have been thoughtfully renovated and brought to code.

In Palm Springs, rentals have also created thousands of jobs and directly helped struggling lower and middle class residents earn a living. From restaurant owners to retailers to service workers and taxi drivers, renters contribute millions to local incomes.


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Doing the Right Thing

Renting or sharing a home away from home is a unique travel experience that when done responsibly is enriching for guests, homeowners, and neighbors alike. We believe in diversity, hospitality and the opportunity to share our local culture in a way that is immersive and inclusive.

We believe in the enforcement of the current ordinance that was established in 2008 without sacrificing property rights, eliminating jobs or causing economic hardship. We want to work with the city council to help create a model ordinance that cities around the world can emulate.




Palm Springs, CA


Palm Springs has an extended history of being a home away from home since before it was even an incorporated city. By the 1920’s, Hollywood’s biggest names came here to retreat from the spotlight and built their second homes. Over the years, they shared these homes with friends and families. And some even rented their homes out to visitors who wanted a more private, residential experience.

By the 1950’s, Palm Springs blossomed into an epicenter for some of the most progressive residential architecture in the country. This lead to a post-war boom of permanent residents and many others that spent their winter months here in their second homes.

With so many second homes in the city, homeowners made their properties available for tourists who wanted a little more privacy and space to share the experience of an afternoon poolside with friends and family.

Hospitality means primarily the creation of free space where the stranger can enter and become a friend instead of an enemy. Hospitality is not to change people, but to offer them space where change can take place.
— Henri J.M. Nouwen